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PFT: Should Christians Celebrate Christmas and Easter?

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Note: I consider this video as helpful material for truth seeking people. Nevertheless I clearly deny the pagan Christian Doctrine of the Trinity (“God-in-the-flesh Christ Jesus”), taught by Passin for Truth.
Hinweis: Ich betrachte dieses Video als hilfreich für wahrheitsuchende Leute. Andrerseits lehne ich entschieden die heidenchristliche Doktrin der Trinität (Dreieinigkeit) ab, die Passion for Truth vertritt.
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Time to UNLEARN.
25NOV2013: After encouraging a bunch of (born again?!) Christians to watch this video, one of them, AJ.M., replied: “Thomas, We have asked you before, please stop spreading this heretical information.”
So, please ask yourself, or ask God, if this is heretical information. I’m convinced it’s not.

Jim Staley – Truth or Tradition – Should Christians Celebrate Christmas and Easter?

WAHRHEIT ODER TRADITION – Jim Staley – Passion für Wahrheit
Published on Mar 22, 2016: Sollten Christen Weihnachten und Ostern feiern?
(Source:youtube.com/watch?v=ezxA99RHd1U / YouTube Channel “EPHRAIMS LOBGESANG” / Link OK 08DEC2016)

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Truth or Tradition

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April 30, 2013 at 15:43

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