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Strange Fire – Fire, Anointing, Glory and Dominion

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Note: I consider this page as helpful material for truth seeking people. Nevertheless I clearly deny the pagan Christian Doctrine of the Trinity (“God-in-the-flesh Christ Jesus”).
Hinweis: Ich betrachte diese Seite als hilfreich für wahrheitsuchende Leute. Andrerseits lehne ich entschieden die heidenchristliche Doktrin der Trinität (Dreieinigkeit) ab.
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Revised 20-NOV-2015. Please note that I like this video, as it reveals the dangers of the current Charismatic movement in almost all churches and Christian denominations. [What I do not agree with in the video is the false Doctrine of the Trinity, as we do not have three Gods (God Father, God Son and the Holy Spirit) but one (Monotheistic) God alone. But this is a completely different topic which I discuss elsewhere on my blog or website.] Be blessed while watching the video or parts of it. Please watch the timers below so that you don’t need to watch the full video.

07-JAN-2014. Food for thought. Let me make it very clear at the beginning. I do not say that these (often autocratic) gentlemen on the stage have the ultimate wisdom. I even think they are on a dangerous track themselves in certain areas … how can they judge who is saved and who not?! And I do certainly not like adulation of man, that’s why you might want to skip the first 7 minutes of the video. But the rest of the video, oh boy, is so interesting!
Topics discussed like “Fire” (“Fire come down”), “Anointing”, “Drunken Glory”, “Dominion” (Reclaiming the seven mountains), and the “New Apostolic Reformation” with the “three Rivers” (1) Toronto Blessing, (2) International House of Prayer (IHOP), Kansas City, and (3) Bethel Church, Redding, CA. Not only the USA are contaminated and misguided, but also Europe including Switzerland, my home country! It’s all here in Switzerland, too! Now watch the video below and feel free to post your comments.

(Source:youtube.com/watch?v=RhG2CBVQy3w, Channel “Grace to You”)

(15-OCT-2015: the video on:youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3_vli3t7Ds was removed)

Published on Oct 17, 2013 – Strange Fire Video: Panel Question and Answer – Todd Friel John MacArthur Steve Lawson Tom Pennington Justin Peters – 10-17-2013

Go to 0:18:00 on the time scale about the “Drunken Glory” at Bethel Church.
Go to 0:33:00 on the time scale about the “Seven Mountains” or the New Apostolic Reformation.
Go to 0:44:00 on the time scale about Jesus Culture, the Worship Band of Bethel Church.
Go to 0:51:00 on the time scale about Bethel Church’s Fire Tunnel.
Go to 0:59:00 on the time scale about the Kundalini spirit.
Simply sad. Simply bad.

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(YouTube Source:www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3_vli3t7Ds /07JAN2014 Link ok.)

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