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CHRexit: Leaving_Christianity – Following_Messiah

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Leaving Christianity Following Messiah
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A friend of mine posted on Facebook a few years ago: Quote – I used to joke around when someone upset me and say, “You are going to make me lose my religion!” Then it happened! I LOST my religion and it is the greatest thing that ever happened to me! Now I am treated like an alien when I voice that I am not a Christian! I usually hear a collective gasp! I am not a “Christian” but neither was Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John! Neither were Peter, Paul, or Mary! I say again, I do not worship on the “Venerable Day of the Sun!” I do not celebrate the Winter Solstice birth of the Sun. I do not celebrate the “wife” of the Sun-god Ishtar/”Easter!” I do not spit on the Torah of the Most High! I do not eat everything this world has to offer. I do not profane the Sabbath. I no longer lie about following our Messiah… I actually started doing it. I love the Ancient Path. I adore the Torah. I delight in the Sabbath. I cherish the Feasts of our Father. And no, I am not “Jewish.” This post is in response to numerous people who ask, who exactly are you and what religion are you? I am a Daughter (and I, Thomas, a Son) of the Most High who finally surrendered to the King. That’s all folks! – Unquote. Amen!

Eine Freundin von mir “postete” vor einigen Jahren auf Facebook: Zitat – Im (evangelistischen) Gespräch sagte mir jemand: “Du machst noch, dass ich meine Religion verliere!” Und dann geschah es! ICH verlor MEINE Religion, und dies ist das Beste, was mir je passieren konnte! Jetzt werde ich wie eine Ausserirdische behandelt, wenn ich sage, dass ich kein Christ (mehr) bin! Ich höre normalerweise ein kollektives Seufzen! Ich bin kein “Christ”, aber noch waren es Matthäus, Markus, Lukas oder Johannes! Noch waren Petrus, Paulus oder Maria Christen! Ich sage es noch einmal: Ich halte nicht den “ehrwürdigen” Sonn(en)tag ein! Noch zelebriere ich die Sonnenwende oder den Geburtstag der Sonne am 24. bzw. 25. Dezember! Ich zelebriere nicht Ostern … Ostera (Astarte) … die Frau des Sonnengottes! Ich spucke nicht auf die Torah des Allerhöchsten (d.h. ich ignoriere sie NICHT)! Ich esse nicht alles, was die Welt offeriert (Schweinesteak, Schinkensandwich, Rehpfeffer, Crevetten, usw.)! Ich entweihe nicht den Shabbat. Ich schweige nicht mehr zu sagen, dass ich dem jüdischen Messias (nicht dem röm./griech. Jesus) folge, in der Tat habe ich begonnen, es zu tun. Ich liebe die Wurzeln unseres Glaubens. Ich liebe die Torah! Ich erfreue mich am Shabbat und halte ihn ein. Ich pflege/(wert)schätze die Feste unseres Vaters (YHWH). Und, nein, ich bin nicht “jüdisch”. Dieser “Post” ist eine Antwort auf die Frage zahlreicher Leute, die mich fragen, welcher Religion ich angehöre. Ich bin eine Tochter des Allerhöchsten (und ich, Thomas, ein Sohn des Allerhöchsten), die (der) sich endgültig dem König übergeben hat. Das ist alles, Leute. Zitat Ende. Amen!

Leaving Christianity
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  1. Dear deep thinker, you need to dig a little deeper. It was Christ’s death that made reunification with God possible. Through Christ’s death we are forgiven. Isaiah explains it saying that he took our sins and sicknesses upon himself. “No man enters unto the Father except through me.” I believe we should pay more attention to the Old Testament than we do. It is part of our heritage that foretold the coming of the Messiah, and according to my book,. even set up the crucifixion 2000 years before it happened.
    My book: Supernatural Power Through One Law amazon.com book or kindle.
    Mit Gott ist alles moeglich. Nicht Wahr?


    September 30, 2014 at 15:19

  2. Jesus nor any of his disciples were Christian and for sure none of them believed ever in a three-headed god. They all where monotheist (and not polytheists like the so called monotheist Christians who worship a trinity).

    A Messianic Jew could only be called Jew when he really wants to accept as a Jew rabbi Jeshua or Jesus as the sent one from God. But when he takes Jesus to be a godhead as part of the Trinity he should have no right to call himself Jew, and better would call himself Trinitarian Christian. A real Christian only worships One True God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jeshua (Jesus Christ) and his disciples, Who is a singular God and no Trinity.

    If a person finds Jesus and wants to follow him, as a goyim he may convert to Christianity (leaving Christendom for what it is, the Trinitarians as part of a pagan religion) or he may convert to Judaism and become a Jew, when they want to accept him in their community, but than he must follow the Mosaic Laws and should also become circumcised and keep to all those laws imposed to the People of Israel by the Most High Elohim.

    Please do know that you do not have to leave Christianity (= the group of real followers of the One God Jehovah, the God of Abraham), though you best leave Christendom (the mix of Trinitarian and non-trinitarian Christians). As a real follower of Christ, doing away of all the connections with paganism (like Easter, All Saints, All souls, Halloween and Christmas, just to mention to most well-known pagan feast many Christians celebrate), but celebrating the holy days God has ordered to celebrate, like 14-15 Nisan or Pesach, etc. as a real Christian, i.e. being a follower of Christ Jesus has given his disciples and the followers of his disciples the task to proclaim the Kingdom of God, and as such a real follower should bring the Good news all over the world and should not be afraid of being a Christian showing the world that Jesus is the Way to God.


    January 23, 2017 at 11:11

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