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The Coming of the Messiah

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– Video 1: World’s Mafia vs Mashiach Ben David (54 min.)
– Video 2: The Coming of the Messiah (Mashiach ben David) (8 min.)

Repent and return to Hashem (God)!
This video is not only for AM Israel and for the Jews, but also for “kol goyim” – all the nations!

World’s Mafia vs Mashiach Ben David

(Video: youtube.com/watch?v=vQIOIOBhr84 / Channel: “Spiritual Visuals” / Link OK: 25-DEC-2015)
Copied from YouTube: Published on Dec 22, 2015: Finally we have one of the the most prestige movies about the World’s Mafia and Mashiach ben David and how it all folds up with The End Of Days.
Contents of the video:
Tractate Yoma 10: Mashiach ben David will show up only after the Roman Kingdom will rule over the world for nine months. Which means, the main inhibitor to the complete redemption, is not “Ishmael”, the Islamic world, as we all may think, but rather “Esav” (Esau). Esav, according to our Sages, is Edom, Rome, the Christian/Western world of today.
Ovadia (Obadja) 1:21: “… and saviors shall go on Mount Zion to judge the mountain of Esav, and the kingdom shall be onto Hashem.” Only after the kingdom of Esav will be perish, only then, would the kingdom of Hashem be complete.
Topics in the video (sequentially listed): Rabbi Jonathan Eybeschütz, (07:30) 1st Intifada, (08:00) Tower of Bavel (Babylon), (09:30) NWO (New World Order), (10:15) Obama Change, George Bush, (11:00) US Dollar, Novus Ordo Seclorum, (12:15) Georgia Guide Stones, The Ten Commandments of the NOW, (13:10) Vatican, Jesuits, (14:45) Jesus was not a Christian, Ticket to Heaven, (16:00) Greener World, (18:30) U.N. Army, Osama bin Laden trained by FBI, (21:30) Vatican – the head of the Pyramid, (22:15) Mainstream Media, The Power of the Media, (22:45) U.S. 18 Trillion Dollars Debt, (25:40) FEMA Camps, (28.00) The Pope in the U.s. (Sept. 2015), (30:00) The End of Days, No one to rely on except on God, (31:00) Refugees in Europe, (32:00) One World Religion, (32:30) Economic Collapse, (33:20) Israel the safest place, (34:00) Schechina Divine Presence, Evil Force, (34:20) Jerusalem the source of prosperity of the world, Edom will fall apart, (36:00) Mashiach to come. Psalm 2:1-4, Gog and Magog, Ezechiel 38, (39:00) Choose life, who chooses the spiritual life of Torah, (40:50) Exodus of Egypt, (42:00) USA vs. Esav, 2/3 or world population will die, (2:40) Goyim (the nations) also under the magnifying glass, Daniel 12:10, Selection at the end of the days, Zech.13:8-9 Purification, (45:00) Tractate Baba Bathra, Moishele the autistic boy, Messages from Heaven, Come back to Hashem! Yoel 3:5, Isa.4:3.
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משיח נגד אומות העולם ודאעש — מסר חירום ליהודי העולם
(Video: youtube.com/watch?v=yk44mnunTvg / Channel: “Spiritual Visuals” / Link OK: 01-JAN-2016)
Published on Nov 26, 2015: מה מסתתר מאחורי דאעש — מיועד לכל יהודי התפוצות — להעביר הלאה דחוף!!!
חומר מסווג ומדהים שחייב כל יהודי לראות לפני שיהיה מאוחר
מסר חד ונוקב לכל יהודי העולם — אתם בסכנה גדולה!!!
להעביר הלאה לכ מי שאפשר
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The Coming of the Messiah (Mashiach ben David)

(Video: youtube.com/watch?v=VDs0RQNFScw)

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