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Gender – An Israeli Research

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“Gender confusion is mental, not physical or biological. God made male and female and no amount of protestation will change the natural created order.”
Isn’t it incredible in this day and age that we need scientific research to affirm what any adult with a reasonable degree of maturity and intelligence knows implicitly!
And why has this become as issue?

Because of the agendas of the fascist left – ‘The Big Lie’ by Dinesh D’Zousa, ‘Fake Science’ by Austin Ruse, and ‘Dangerous’ by Milo really need to be required reading today for all concerned, caring citizens of the free-world, while it’s still relatively free.

Read this article:New Israeli Research Reveals that Men Are Men and Women Are Women“.

BTW: The founder of Facebook, Zuckerberg, an evil, egomaniacal, wealthy and powerful man, has stated he will censor conservative material and other material that is against his globalist agenda just as he did for China.  It is known and even publicized that FB, Google, YouTube, Twitter, etc. have recently undertaken a very strenuous censorship and propaganda effort as part of a campaign funded by George Soros and others to advance their leftists, globalists, anti-Trump, anti-national sovereignty, and anti Judeo-Christian ideology. Their efforts have been reported for weeks on InfoWars. Using internet “bots”, MSM propaganda, direct censorship, and other methods they are using their power over the internet and social networking to both prevent material from being distributed (such as this) and falsely “ranking” highly and pushing to the forefront of the internet universe material they want distributed so that it can be distributed far and wide. Material such as this article is one type of information they wish to prevent from being distributed since it is against their radical perversion agenda.

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November 25, 2017 at 21:38

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