Tikkun Time. B''H.

The_Awakening_has_begun. Das_Erwachen_hat_begonnen.


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Why TikkunMedardus B”H? | Warum TikkunMedardus B”H?

Erklärungen Deutsch Die Bedeutung von TikkunMedardus.
Explanation in English The Meaning of TikkunMedardus.


Erklärungen Deutsch:

Tikkun (hebräisch): Heilung/Wiederherstellung, Korrektur, und die Welt transformieren
Das Christentum ist weit weg gewandert von der Wahrheit. Ich hoffe, dass viele Artikel auf dieser Website helfen mögen, den originalen, wahren Glauben wieder herzustellen, den die Nachfolger von Jeschua (Jesus), dem Messias, hatten, einen Thora-basierenden Glauben, Nachfolger, welche nicht Jesus als “Gott im Fleisch” anbeteten. — Tikkun, Wiederherstellung, ist eines der Hauptziele auf dieser Website.

Medardus: Herkunft: althochdeutsch / germanisch / griechisch / lateinisch
Bedeutung: “Medardus” ist eine germanisch-althochdeutsche Namenszusammensetzung und bedeutet “der Redegewaltige”.
Medardus ist die latinisierte Form von altdeutsch Machthard = “grosse Kraft” oder “starke Macht”.
Die Deutschen Mundarten: Mäder, Mäderli, Maeder, Mader, Meder, — Medardus.
Der Mäderlitag (oder Mäderlistag bzw. Medardi) ist jeweils am 8.Juni und ist der Tag des Hl.Medardus von Noyon, gest. 8.Juni 545 n.Chr.
Eine alte Bauernregel sagt: “Wenn’s am Mäderlistag1 rägnet, git’s e schlechte Heuet” 1) Medardus

Berndeutsch: “Mir bruuche no ne Mäder!” = “Wir brauchen noch einen Mäder” oder Mäher bzw. “Wir brauchen noch jemanden, der uns heuen hilft”.

B”H = baruch Hashem = Hebärisch: “Mit Gottes Hilfe” bzw. “Gesegnet sei Gott”.
Dies ist das Motto dieser Website. Alles geht nur dank Gottes Hilfe.

TikkunMedardus ist der Beitrag zur Wiederherstellung (tikkun) durch ein Individuum, genannt Th.Mäder.

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Explanation in English:

Tikkun (Hebrew): To heal, repair, and transform the world
Christianity has wandered FAR from Truth. I hope to help restore it to the original true faith of the first century followers of Yeshua the Messiah – a faith that was Torah-centric and that did NOT worship Yeshua as “God in the flesh”.  Tikkun, rectification, is one of the main purposes of this website.

Medardus: Origin: Old High German / Germanic / Greek / Latin
Meaning: “Medardus” is a Germanic – Old High German name composition, meaning “vast in speaking”. Medardus is a Latin form of the Old German “Machthard” = “great power” or “great might”.
German vernaculars: Mäder, Mäderli, Maeder, Mader, Meder, — Medardus.
The Mäderlitag (“Mäder Day”) or Medardi is on June the 8th and is the death-day of St.Medardus, obiit 8th June 545 AD.

B”H = baruch Hashem = Hebrew: “with the help of G‑d” or “Blessed be God”.
This is the motto of this website. All we do can only be done by the help of God.

TikkunMedardus is the contribution to the rectification (tikkun) through an individual called Th.Mäder.

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Tikkun Olam

Written by ethomas57

April 27, 2013 at 09:33

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  1. Hello Thomas,
    I have been forwarded your post after a recent visit / short conference in Zürich called “Heaven in Business” with Andy Mason from Bethnal Church … and quite frankly I was question of … umm unimpressed. …
    Would you also have any opinion on “Angle TV” as this is another ministry that has recently infiltrated the church… starting in Thun.
    I am intrigued to know whether you would be interested in meeting me. Very quickly, I live near Zürich and am a director in UBS. I work 50% that is also a miracle… I work with MEOS and am involved with several Business Christian Grps.
    I hope that this might be of interest to you to take the time to discuss.
    Kr Phil


    November 22, 2015 at 16:18

  2. After having read your German Glaubensverständnis we have the impression we may believe you have come to the Biblical faith Christians should have, that Jesus is the son of man and son of God and not part of a Trinity (which is a pagan teaching). we also have the impression you came to understand that sowieso the People of God, the Jews, shall find themselves to be allowed to live in the Holy Land and that all the world shall have to come to recognise that Jesus is going to be the ruler from the Kingdom of God on earth, from the capital Jerusalem.

    In case you deny the trinity and feel promoting a godly life, we can still use some writers on life, historical and spiritual matters on our lifestyle magazine From Guestwriters. Please do have a look over-there and let us know if you would be interested to join our team and would not mind to share interesting articles you came across on the net, plus ad some own material of interest as well.

    We would appreciate it very much if we could have some author willing to publish also some German articles. (Other languages, like Scheizer Deutch, Letzburg, Dutch, Afrikaans, English and French are also welcome)


    January 23, 2017 at 11:25

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