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Donald Trump And The Coming of Messiah

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“Midah keneged Midah” – “Measure for Measure” or President Trump and Esau – the Messianic Process.
The role of President Donald Trump from a spiritual view.

(Dieser Artikel existiert nur in Englischer Sprache: Esau, Präsident Trump und der Messianische Prozess)

See also related article “Understanding World Politics from a Messianic Perspective“.

Go to Kabbalah Glossary to see Kabbalistic terms and definitions often used by R.Kessin.

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May 31, 2017 at 14:38

The Coming of the Messiah

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– Video 1: World’s Mafia vs Mashiach Ben David (54 min.)
– Video 2: The Coming of the Messiah (Mashiach ben David) (8 min.)

Repent and return to Hashem (God)!
This video is not only for AM Israel and for the Jews, but also for “kol goyim” – all the nations!

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